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Becoming Culturally Accessible, Responsive and Engaged: Working with Diversity in EFT

Being Culturally Accessible, Responsive, and Engaged: Working with Diversity in EFT

Join ICEEFT trainer Robert Allan and ICEEFT supervisor Pam Semmler in Denver January 11 and 12, 2019 for this first time workshop!

In this experiential workshop, we will share the latest research, show our work, practice together, and discuss in a safe environment how to continue to deepen our EFT practices. This training will provide a systematic framework for engaging ourselves in attuning to the diverse identities of the individuals, couples, and families we work with. By sharpening the skills involved to develop a cultural lens, we will learn to enhance our effectiveness by focusing on the areas of alliance, assessment, formulation, intervention, and repair that are already part of the EFT model.  Come enjoy two days full of didactic learning, experiential exercises, videos, and a brief overview of research.

 Learn and practice with us over two days to:

  • understand the framework of EFT couples therapy through the lens of culture, marginalization, and oppression
  • explore why cultural adaptations are relevant to effective couples therapy.
  • practice effective strategies to deepen our work
  • share our growing edges in a supportive environment

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EFT A la Carte Group

I am pleased to be announcing a new style of EFT consultation group for the fall. The group will have two components.  Each group will start with a didactic EFT overview of a particular step and stage within the EFT model.  Following the didactic overview there will be some experiential skills building exercises.  These groups would be ideal for anyone wanting to sharpen their EFT skills, but especially those of you who have just completed externship and/or Core skills and want a refresher as you work towards certification.  Details are below.  Please let me know if you are interested!



    EFT A la Carte group:  A didactic and skills building review of the Steps & Stages of EFT


    One Monday each month from 9:30-11:00 AM


    My office at 1221 S. Clarkson St, Suite 206, Denver, CO 80210


    Open to anyone learning EFT that has completed Externship and/or Core skills


    $55 each group


    Individuals may attend any group that they feel will benefit them.  The group is "a la carte" - so you don't have to attend all the groups...only the ones that you want to select from the "menu."  You just need to sign up one week ahead of time to reserve your spot.


This fall we will be focusing on the Stage One Steps of EFT. The first date and group description are below.


September 17 9:30-11:00 AM  

Step 1: Alliance and Assessment

Description:  In this group, we will focus on the Alliance and Assessment involved in Step One. Skills covered include:

    *important things involved in developing a good EFT alliance

    *conducting the attachment history inventory 

    *looking at the contraindications for EFT on a continuum

    *exploring pre-EFT when contraindications or ambivalence is present


Remaining fall dates and Steps covered: (descriptions of each group will be announced each month):


October 22

    Step 2: Identifying the negative interactive cycle


November 19  

    Step 3: Accessing previously unacknowledged attachment related emotions that support the behavioral reactive stances in the cycle


December 17

    Step 4: Reframing the problem in terms of the negative cycle, underlying feelings, and attachment needs




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